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The Processes of things


So I have been somewhat M.I.A. here on this blog, not because I want to but because this New Year has started off at a sprint of a pace and I am trying to keep up with everything. But some things are just going to be put on the back burner in place of those more important things.

Before moving to Texas, Isaac and I had a goal for ourselves of buying a house after the first year of living in Texas. We wanted to make sure we liked the area, knew the area, and liked the schools. We have been here since June and here we are almost 8 months later and we have done all of the above (mostly). We are still learning the area and making new friends but overall we have reached that goal. We have been lucky enough to have our rent paid up for the remainder of this year. So we are able to “save money” to go towards the purchase of a new house. I put save money in quotes because we are also trying to pay down on our credit cards to make sure they are at or near zero before we move into our new place.

And this is where I get into the topic of processes. We have decided to go ahead and start the PROCESS of buying a new home. And that sentence tells it all, right?! This will be our first ever home, I say first because this will not be our final home. I want our final home to be on acreage somewhere in the country, that goes back to my country girl in a city girl’s body.

Anyways, anyone that has ever bought a home understands what I am saying when I say the process. This process has the ability of giving people ulcers, migraines and anxiety attacks. Or maybe I am just being too over dramatic. But how can I not? So far to this date the most expensive thing I have ever paid for has been my education and that wasn’t really hard to figure out. The next expensive thing I have ever paid for were the last 3 vehicles we have purchased, 2 of them were minivans and the other is a crossover. Those were as hard as figuring out a color and if it had automatic everything, AWD and enough space for 3 kiddos, 2 adults and a bunch of “shit”… So in reality that wasn’t too hard.

The first process we started was the bank, to me that was the hardest part. Everything else is  just a formality. I say that because the bank tells you what you can and can not afford. And they came back higher than we thought, LOL! Also the bank is the most intrusive part of this process, wanting to know where, when, how and why you spent your money the way you did and you need to show proof of how you went about all of it. Needless to say I’ve spent a good deal of time on my computer hooked up to the printer/scanner. Scanning taxes for the last two years, proof of income, bank statements, etc, etc, etc. We are still in this process but at a different stage, as in everything went to the underwriter and we are just waiting to see what this dude says.

The next stage was meeting with a Realtor. We choose the realtor route because it just seemed easier. We thought she would be better at giving us a list of EVERYTHING that is out there that is within our price range, the jury is still out on her. But so far… so good. I believe there are some things she should have told us and not us figuring it out on our own or being told by someone else, you know the whole first time homebuyer thing going on for us. Either way, it’s cool. I’m a big researcher and so me searching the net is only one thing I already do. So in this process we get the “fun” of looking at beautiful houses, falling in love with what we see in each one and then narrowing it down to what we can live with and what we really want. I say “fun” because OMG as fun as it should be it became not so fun quickly. Mainly because we felt like we were getting so much pressure from certain people to jump into the first thing we seen. Isaac and I told each other right before the process started that we wouldn’t let anyone try to separate us, that whatever we got was going to be what WE wanted, and that we wouldn’t jump at the first really nice place we seen (which we almost did, LOL!).

Some question why we are jumping in so early looking to buy when our lease isn’t up until June. To that I say, “Because we have always wanted to build, we have that chance and so we are going to take it!” The build process is about 3-4 months, but you know how that is so with that in mind that takes us into June, maybe early July. Anyways over about 2 weeks we searched and compared and crunched numbers and wrote down what we would be willing to sacrifice and what is something we would never sacrifice. After some thinking and some looking we narrowed it down to a builder and a floor plan. And we signed some forms to have this builder build our first home for us. My lovely husband talked with a good friend of his during that week and he put into his mind that we should consider a house with the master bedroom on the first floor, because… “When you get older you are not going to want to travel to the second floor to go to bed…” I just looked at him like he was special, and said ok lets look at some plans that have the master on the main floor. Our initial floor plan was 3125 square feet, but the 2655 and the 3417 square home had the masters on the main floor. So we went to check it out and fell in love with the 3417 floor plan, and we also fell in love with the area the place was in.

We were in Round Rock for the first home, but with the home we are buying it is actually in Georgetown. About 15-20 minutes away from where we live right now. The school district is really good AND it is in the school zone of the charter school we really want to send our kiddos too next fall. All of the above processes did not prepare us for the next steps, which was the small things of the home. We had the builder, we had the floor plan, now we needed to put things in and decide where other things went and the sort. So we were set up with an appointment at the builders home store, to pick and choose things (that’s the best way I can think of to describe it). Our initial appointment lasted all of 3 hours, yeah. 3 hours of picking out things. I was so emotionally and physically drained after the appointment was over. We knew we wanted an awesome kitchen, a great master bedroom/bathroom and that it needed a nice size patio. There are other things but those things we top. Some of the other top things came included in our place, like we get 9 foot ceilings on the first floor, and rounded corners on the walls of the house everywhere, we also get 42 inch cabinets in the kitchen.

Some of the other things we got done were granite top counters, an extended bartop, stainless steel appliances including a freaking double oven and a built in microwave. We have hardwood floors from the main entrance to the dining room, tile in the laundry room, bathrooms and kitchen, and carpet everywhere else. Etc, etc. It was such a tedious process to narrow down what we really wanted, what we could afford and what we would be willing to pay out of pocket for 🙂 Anyways, I’m dragging out this post, haha!

Basically we have a lot, we have a house plan, and we have an idea of when it will be completed. Now we just need to hurry up and wait. And while we wait, we will document this process and I will post about it. While you wait to see how the process is going I will give you some firsts, LOL!

Hope your week is as blessed as ours has been!

New Home New Home New Home New Home New Home New Home New Home New Home New Home

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  3. sayy whattttt? you have an extra bed somewhere in there? 😉

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