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The Red Box Love


So a few months ago, well more like 5 months ago I pinned this idea on pinterest to my “gift ideas” board to send a box of something to someone as a gift. As soon as I seen the idea I had a person and an idea in mind, what I wasn’t sure of was… 1. when that person would arrive in her destination 2. what was going to be in the box 3. when I would ship the box off 4. how much it would cost. Now some of these questions are still up in the air, BUT they are easily figured out. You can check out the link here and see how cool it is!

Well anyways, I pushed the idea aside for a while and just enjoyed keeping in touch with the person I wanted to send the box too. I also wanted to have my children participate 100% in the box filling but alas I had a free moment a couple of nights ago and took it upon myself to do it alone. Now let me tell you who this box is for and what ideas I had for this awesome box and what it finally turned out to be, haha!

So this box is for one of my younger sisters who is currently living and learning over in Rwanda, I am so proud of her and if you would like you can check out her blog and her learning curve here. I know I am giving away the contents of her box early, but I think no matter what she will be excited and happy to receive this even if she already knows what’s coming. I can say that she might not know right way, the joys of spotty internet service…

My grand ideas were of this magnificent box that was filled with yellow things to help brighten her day and give her a taste of home. I also wanted to send it for Christmas, but again, I enjoyed my couch more… Anyways, I needed to go and get some Valetines’ Day things for the girls classrooms and some things for our girls science fair projects (which we still have yet to start, and it’s due January 23rd…). And while I was at the store I got this AH-MAZING idea, why not do the box in RED, my FAVORITE color of course. Not to mention it is a Valentine Box, which is how The Red Box of Love came into action. Anyways, I am talking too much.. enjoy 🙂

Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love Red Love

2 thoughts on “The Red Box Love

  1. okay confession time—you can see i’m getting caught up on the blog! LOL going to be checking the mail for this one on the DAILY! you are seriously THE best. love you so much!

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