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Eddy Diaries… Day 23

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YEAH!!!!!! It’s Christmas Eve, which also means I am NOW up to date on my Eddy Diaries! Today the kiddos woke up and will wake up to Eddy having made them Christmas Eve breakfast pancakes… all RED! The only one awake now is D-boy, and he has already eaten. The girls are still sleeping, which is awesome. But I’m so ready for them to see what Eddy did, LOL! Or more like what I did 🙂 Anyways, I will be doing a marathon wrapping session tonight and throughout the day to get the gifts wrapped and under the tree.

The kiddos won’t be getting much under the tree, because of our big move from WI to TX and because we literally bought a house full of furniture including new bedroom furniture for them this summer… Not that it really matters because we typically don’t get them much anyways, we try to keep it low key and little expectations. LOL! I am not one to try and compete with myself for the next year, half of the things they get are new clothes… and that’s because, well, they need them. Haha! We use Christmas as a time to buy them the clothes they need. Mini Mouse is growing like a mini weed and she has already outgrown everything we got her like 2 months ago… darn it girl, LOL!

Anyways the other things we get them are books, not that they need them. Their bookshelves are overflowing with books, but there isn’t anything wrong with that. And they get at least one toy. This year is different, they will get a couple of toys. Mini Mouse really, really wanted a pet. Like something awful, she asked for a bird on her list. But I know she really wants a dog. She is so convincing, but not enough to make me go out and buy an animal to come and live in this house. I think our move here has made her miss her Godparents dogs even more, which just means she needs to spend EXTRA time with Champ when we go back to WI to visit them 🙂 Because that is the only pet she is getting for the time being, and I get to make that final choice, LOL! Now when we move into our house that we buy, I might lose all of my arguments… procrastinating to buy that house even more, LOL!

Now Ms. Marie asked for basically nothing… Big Bouncy Ball, Candy Cane Box (not sure what that is), Christmas Tree Decorations, Fashion Barbie Doll, a Princess Book and like one other things. So she got her whole list, minus the Candy Cane Box and the iPod. Sorry my sweet 5 year old, I’m not going there with you 🙂

Elf on the Shelf



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