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Welcoming…. Eddy Virgin-Lewis… the elf

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So here I am again talking about our Elf… If this gets boring let me know, LOL! I will also be uploading more pictures from our summer fun, as I said it is just an annoying process and so I am slow about it…

Anyways, our kiddos got the Elf yesterday morning, our oldest D-boy knows that it is me doing it. What can I say I’ve raised a nonbeliever, and I am so fine with that. But I did tell him NOT to spoil it for his sisters, they do do like the idea of santa and all of that other crap. Which also brings me back to the I will give you our back story on Christmas soon.

So Miss Marie and D-boy were up first and he read the letter to her, she thought the “fake” elf was pretty cool. She calls everything fake that is a toy and not a real person, she is kind of our black and white child. Meaning it’s either black or white, there isn’t any grey in her world. She talked about the Elf all day long, which means she really likes him and can’t wait until he moves.

Mini Mouse slept in and so she had daddy read the letter to her, and of course she talked about the Elf all day. While sitting down eating a snack the kiddos told me the Elf’s name was Eddy (I’m not sure if this is how they planned on spelling it, but it is how I plan on spelling it), I did have to ask if Eddy was from the television cartoon Ed, Edd and Eddy (which they aren’t allowed to watch, but I have caught them on occasion taking to long to pass by it… Kiddos I tell ya!) They informed me, no it wasn’t and that it was MUTUALLY agreed upon to give the Elf the name Eddy. Really kiddos, mutually agreed upon…HA!

So last night I had to think of something else this Elf was going to do, so I sat down and went through pinterest (haha) and came up with some awesome ideas, none which are set in stone though. Because it all depends on how much work I want to put into it when I would rather be sleeping. Which happened last night, these children are aging me quicker than I thought darn it! I was on the couch catching some zzzz’s at 7pm, REALLY this isn’t a good look for this 3? year old hot mama. Oh well, such is life! The exciting thing about sitting down and writing out a plan is I get to do it in fun colors and come up with some fun antics, so I wrote it all down in a calendar format. So last night Eddy had a one night only Rock Concert, I have to say this is all Thanks to Auntie P-Pilla. She worked at American Girl Doll‘s factory a few years ago and when she was done with the season they let them go and get things, we heart American Girl Doll in this house, but we don’t heart their prices! So I have to get it the best way I can, haha!

Anyways, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. One problem was Elf slides down if not anchored to something so I had to rubber band him to the chair (and of course D-boy sees this and points it out to the girls this morning). I also had to tape the sunglasses onto his face. I was a little worried about that, but not enough to go find that fishing line or something to make it look like it was supposed to be there. Either way the whole thing was pretty cool if I might say so myself, and I do so it’s pretty cool 🙂

So without further ado, here is Eddy putting on his first rock concert in our house…

Elf on the ShelfElf on the ShelfElf on the ShelfElf on the Shelf


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