Just another manic Monday

Well Hello There…

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Well Hello There…

(This is where I am editing this post, LOL! Apparently I was smart enough to edit the children’s names out of the last couple of pictures but not out of the first ones… That’s what happens when you do things at night when you should be sleeping, at first I wasn’t going to change the pictures because it is a long and annoying process. But I do like my children’s names not to be published here so off to complete this annoying process…)

Long time no talk, see, write. I’ve been battling too much to do with not enough time in the day to do it. It doesn’t help that I plan on starting a new job next week and this is the beginning of the next Holidays to come along. Which leads me to the next reason I am posting at a quarter to 2 in the morning… Our family will be introduced to Elf on the Shelf in the morning. It won’t be in the same traditional sense as what most do it as, we aren’t really a family that is all into the Santa thing. That is actually a whole different post, so I will leave that alone. But I also want to get done with this post and head to bed, seeing as my alarm is set for 7am on a Saturday morning to go to a freaking parade in downtown Austin… UGH!

Anyways, we (meaning mainly just me) are excited to get this thing going and see how the kiddos respond to this elf thing… I will try to remember to post a picture or something about what this Elf (no name yet, give me about 24 hours) has in store for our household…

And with that I am going to sleep, I will edit this later. I’m sure I am rambling right now because I am exhausted, LOL!

Good Night/Morning and talk to you later 🙂

Elf on the ShelfElf on the ShelfElf on the Shelf
Elf on the ShelfElf on the Shelf

And before I leave I wanted to link up to the blog of where I got my idea from on the letter to the kiddos…


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