Just another manic Monday

I’m secretly…


So, I took a motorcycle ride today. I know, I know a motorcycle ride! The cool thing about this ride you ask, “It was refreshing, and gave me some time to really think.” With all of the refreshing thinking time I was able to come to two different realizations. The first I will talk about in this post, the next one in a different post.

What I came to realize while riding my motorcycle was that I have been holding in some things, and I really need to figure out how to let it out fully… Soooo, I am a country girl at heart. I don’t mean half of it, I mean the whole thing. It’s kind of crazy because I am also a biker chick on the outside, and those two personalities don’t always meld together so great.

Anyways, what that means to me is I look forward to the day we buy a house with land attached to it. I look forward to being able to buy a horse or five. Having a huge garden, a big wrap around porch with a crickety old wooden swing, and a little table and some rocking chairs. Some chickens, and maybe a dog or two… well the dogs are a stretch, but the rest of the family wants dogs so it’s not THAT big of a stretch. I want the wind blowing through my hair as I take off across some field on my horse. I don’t however, want any cattle. That just doesn’t float my fancy, actually that sounds like a farmer.

But anyways, so there you go. I am secretly hoping I win the lottery so I can buy a horse or five…

Night, night folks!


2 thoughts on “I’m secretly…

  1. Hi. Iiona: The sooner, the better when you realize the different facets of you true identity…especially if you are a country girl. I spent over 20 years after I moved to Madison from the country unaware of that part of what makes me tick. I remember the times and places where I wondered “Now why did I do that?” Like take a big deep breath when my eyes were filled with the vista view of acre upon acre of uninhabited fields or hills and valleys. After our granddaughter died three years ago, my husband and I went and stayed with my brother and his wife for the weekend. They gave us space to sit in the 3 season porch and watch the horses run (since I couldn’t walk, much less ride, at the time). My sister in law grew up with horses and they’ve helped her to get through a life of chronic pain and a deadly auto accident. She was not expected to walk again, but she’s one strong woman. Keep going, you Biker Chick/Country Girl. I know you’l make it to your goal!

  2. Every time we pass a house with acreage and some horses, I instantly feel a calm. I knew why, I just choose to keep it in. Now that we live here in Texas the realization has come that it might be closer than I thought 🙂

    I have always enjoyed getting out of the city and seeing natures true beauty. I do so love being in the city because I can ride my motorcycle, but I also love being in the country with the idea of being able to ride horses…. Either way, if I can have the best of both worlds I would be in heaven on earth 🙂

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