Just another manic Monday

Sometimes Life just Needs to Stop.


(This photo is from a place in Austin, TX where the whole guys backyard is nothing but junk… it is rather interesting and I will be posting about it soon)

So I always try to keep my blog posts upbeat and happy, because lets be honest… who wants to read anything but, right?

Well I’ve found out that sometimes on one of those days when you just want everything to STOP and change course, it keeps going. Even when you want to curl up in a ball and rock to and fro until everything comes back into focus… That it’s those times that reading a post from a real person about real issues really helps you move through that day a little better, you can say, “I’m not alone in how I feel and there is someone else out there that knows and feels and understands what I am going through.”

Well, today started out like that type of day and has only gotten better as it has progressed. I love when a day ends on a high note, it just seems that much better…

But anyways, the main reason for my post was to link you to someone who is a blogger and I really enjoy her blog. She is eloquent in the way she expresses how she feels and for the most part, she says what I want to say but don’t have the nerve to post in a blog post…

I hope you enjoy her as much as I do, and by some chance I hope she moves you as much as she has moved me: Logic and Immagination

Have an awesome day!

This image is of a tattoo my sister and I got right before I left WI.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Life just Needs to Stop.

  1. Thank you, Iiona. I truly love this and feel honored that you feel that you want to share it with me.

    Love, Tamar


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