Just another manic Monday

New Digs… Texas!


I’m super slow and way behind in posting, and today I got a surge of energy and feel the need to blog… Let me catch you up on where we are in this present day. We moved from Madison, WI to Round Rock, TX in the middle of June. When we got here, we hit the ground running. We needed to get an official copy of our lease, sign some other papers, and get an orientation to our new “home”. We didn’t buy a home, we are just renting, but that doesn’t stop them from giving us the run down on how things work here in big ‘ole Texas!

Once we got the keys to our new place we needed to furnace it, and also wait for our big trailer from WI to show up so we could unload it and start feeling like we were “home” as soon as possible. I officially got rid of the last packing boxes 2 days ago, YEAH ME!!!!!

Anyways, our first few weeks here were amazing. We did so much, experienced tons and learned the way around her rather quickly. We also got a week of having only 2 children versus 3 and that was a great week, not saying we don’t love D-boy, just saying sometimes it’s great to get a break 🙂

During that amazing week, the girls met some friends and we signed D-boy and Mini Mouse up for football and cheer. To play with the Round Rock Colts (part of pop warner…). Below you will see pictures from our first weeks here in Texas, be on the look out there will be more posts coming real soon!

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And as always, have an awesome DAY!!!!

2 thoughts on “New Digs… Texas!

  1. Wow, we recently moved from the Dallas area to Missouri, and we thought THAT was a long move, lol! I’m glad you like Round Rock so far–there is a lot to keep a person busy in TX, for sure. My husband worked back-and-forth between Dallas and Austin, and seemed to like that area. We moved in February, and still have things in bins out in the garage! Serves me right for being such a pack rat. We rented out our house in Texas and are now in a rental house in Missouri, so we know kind of how that goes–not as much ability to make a lot of changes in a rental! Glad you made that long trip without mishap, and that you have gotten settled in quickly. Now to just enjoy being a Texan!

  2. HAHA! Yeah WI to TX was a cool 24 hour ride, it was so amazingly crazy and I was so happy when we were done.

    Well, we still have some totes out in the garage, but that’s mainly because we went from a place with basements to a place that doesn’t know what a basement is. So all of our Holiday decorations are in the garage, and a good portion of my scrapbooking things are out there as well.

    Renting wouldn’t be so bad if we could do anything to the place, but whatever we do we need to get approval and then make sure it’s back to it’s original condition when we move out… so pretty much not even worth it…

    I’ve only been to Missouri a few times, and liked it. Hope you enjoy it as well 🙂

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