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It’s all about Simplicity!

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So I have been reading the book, Almost Amish by Nancy Sleet. I have been learning a lot from her, I don’t know if you have noticed I love learning all of the time.

Anyways, the basic premise is learning how to live simply and happily in this world. There was more in the book, but I am summarizing what has really impacted me thus far in my reading.

So I started taking stock of the “things” we have in our life and ways to simpilize based on what I found. Our family really enjoys movies, and watching said movies in repeat. I’m sure we have seen some of the movies in our house at least 20 times if not more. The only difference between when we lived in WI and living here in TX is we didn’t have digital cable or HD televisions.  I know, I know, poor us, LOL! Because we can’t watch our favorite videos we have subscribed to netflix, it is cheaper than blockbuster online and unless we want to watch a new movie, we can watch tons of shows on t.v. This has become our Friday movie night routine. Before we would go rent movies, pop some popcorn, get some soda and tons of non-healthy candy and have a movie marathon weekend. Now we just stream them from netflix, so much easier and lots cheaper.

Anyways, I am rambling and kind of steering from the topic of conversation… simplifying life…

As you can see from the picture we have tons of vhs tapes, I know, Who still has vhs tapes…? We do and our kiddos love the vhs tapes that we have, but that is where simplifying life comes into play. After reading the first part of the book, it kept weighing on my mind that we put so much stock and effort into maintaining all of the things we have and want. I needed to find a way to creatively go through our house and set aside things that we were ok with parting with and to take it a step farther and getting rid of some things that we might not want to get rid of as well. I have to say, it has been an experience for me as well as the kiddos. I literally went through all of their movies and left them with a hand full of them (signing time videos, timeless classics, etc) and then gave them the choice to pick 1 movie to pick… D-boy picked out 5… Harry Potter (I wasn’t mad at him for that, LOL!)

Next I moved to my closet and drawers, then I moved through the house moving between the girls room, D’s room and the garage. I am still going through some things, like the toys in their rooms and some of the containers out in the garage but overall I believe we have come to a happy medium.

I know we can get rid of some many other things, but I want to point out I am removing things from our house that have been here for a while. Like for instance, Ike still has to go through his record collection, and let me tell you it is an extensive one at that (I think over 600 albums) but I could be completely off by a lot. I believe with all of the clothes we are removing from D-boys room he can help cloth another child, yeah he has/had a lot of clothes. The girls did, but D-boy, he had the most out of everyone in the house… I would say that is mainly from the joys of hand-me-downs, which we LOVE around this house!!!!!

My sister, P-pilla made the comment that I should have done all of this BEFORE we left the state of WI… I told her to kindly get lost, haha! I also have to confess that I am also riding myself of things (in a sense) in support of my younger sister going to Rwanda for the next year. I am so proud of her, and if she is ok with it, when she starts her blog I might post a link to it as well. I am so excited for her, so nervous and so sad all in the same breath. I am going to miss her something awful… but I will talk about that in another post. 🙂

My other reason, yeah I have one… was to find something I could involve the whole family in and have them on board 100%. Now we are trying to figure out what we will do with the clothes, books, dvd’s, vhs, craft supplies and the such. We have thought about having a garage sale and using the proceeds to donate to either March for Babies or Food Allergy Awareness Association, or finding someone in the area who would need these things, or donating to Salvation Army, or mailing them to friends and family who would enjoy them as much as we have. As of right now we (really just me) will go through everything and separate it out. We will send some to friends and family, take some up to the kiddos school for their extra clothes, and possibly have a small garage sale and then whatever is left over donate to Salvation Army. But again, that is me doing most of the leg work so we will see what will happen.

Whatever the outcome, I am glad that I am able to pass on something to our children. We aren’t perfect and we still have TONS of things in our house, but the bottom line is we are aware and now when we go to the store to buy things we are more apt to buy what we need not what we want because it is the “hottest” thing out. Like the fact I really, REALLY, really want a new camera lens and a new camera… yeah I know my camera is pretty awesome and I have a few lenses and don’t need anymore right now, especially because this is a hobby not a job… Anyways, you get my drift. Now to figure out how to go shopping at Target and not walk out $300 less and tons of junk that we don’t need… I believe I will need prayer for that, and I am being so serious right now, LOL! So please pray that I can continue to live simply and to be happy with what we have. Life is too short to dwell on certain things 🙂

Anyways, Yeah me! I finally posted…

Have an awesome day!



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