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It’s time for Playtime!!!

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Who doesn’t like to play? I love playing, I love being able to take time out of my busy day and just be silly with my family. I have to be honest our family is pretty comical, we are always making each other laugh, so when I seen this theme, I was really excited. Then I remember that I rarely ever have my camera prepped and ready to snap pictures as we are being silly, so I can’t show you pictures or video of that time. Trust me when I tell you we are pretty comical 🙂

The pictures that I do have are from Mini-Mouse and D-boy’s dance recital. Mini Mouse is in ballet/tap and has done it for about 2 years now, when she first started we tried her out in hip hop. She liked it but was more excited to do ballet/tap, and who am I to stop progress… even though I really want her to be a hip hop dancer, you know follow in her mommy’s footsteps 🙂

My son D-boy has been doing hip hop or more like b-boy lessons for the last 2 years as well, when he first started he had ABSOLUTELY no rhythm… seriously, I’m not even joking. My son, no rhythm, seems like a crime. What I can say is, he is learning. He wants to be a professional dancer, and who am I stop a dream 🙂

I should also put a discloser out there… Most of these are backstage… and with that said, I haven’t mastered my DSLR camera yet. So sorry about the quality of some of these pictures.

Most of the pictures are from Mini Mouse and her dance class because… I was the “dance mom” of her group. Which TRUST ME, is NOTHING like the show Dance Moms, hahaha! Our group of mothers is so nonchalant that it was kind of comical with the backstage things that were happening. Let’s see, someone forgot their crown, we couldn’t find her green sash that was to go in her hair, so didn’t have safety pins, the lights that go under their ballet costumes started falling out… EVen with all of the things that did go “wrong” so much went right… The kiddos had a blast, loved getting applause, flowers, and special attention from family and friends.  And at the end of the show, there was music and awesome snacks like cupcakes and juice. What more can little kiddos ask for than to have all the attention heaped on them and given tons of sugar, even though we did try to inject healthy snacks into them while we waited backstage for their turn.

Hope you have a great day, we are off to get D-boy and Mini Mouse ready for Football and Cheerleading season… more on that to come later, I still have to catch-up on the rest of the themes I have…

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  1. Thanks for all of the likes, I’m glad someone other than myself likes my posts and pictures 🙂

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