Just another manic Monday

I’m having a hard time…


So here we are weeks out from our big move to Texas and I have hit an energy slump… I initially started this blog to talk about our journey to moving down south and I have been talking about it here and there, but not as much as I initially wanted to. So her is a post on that big move…

It's a Mess

It's a MessIt's a Mess

It's a Mess

If you look at the picture above you can check out my awesome Wonder Woman socks I plan on wearing to my graduation… Because I think I’m pretty awesome and this is a BIG deal for me!

It's a Mess

So here it is my mess of a living room. I am kind of ashamed that it looks like it does, but I’m not so worried about it because we have had out last BIG party for the year AND for our time here in WI (It was Easter!) and I don’t expect many people to be venturing over to hang out in our place. Especially because Isaac is slowly getting rid of our furniture, well more like taking it to Milwaukee to his family. Which is what I really want to do, but I’m so lame or more like not energized to get my butt in gear and pack the stuff as he takes things away.

I was in semi panic mode when he suggested that he takes my desk (I mean COME ON, it’s MY DESK!) Not that I don’t want to get rid of it but if you notice my desk is kind of the housing area for everything paperwork. Mainly paperwork that deals with the kiddos or school or our move. Where will I put it if he takes it away. Then he wants to take my shelf, oh man… this is going to be very HARD! I’m panicking right now just thinking about it.

So let me go backwards and explain why my “area” which used to house a couch now is nothing but floor, pillows and blankets. So about 2 weeks ago Isaac (with the help of friends) took the small couch, my dresser, his dresser, and Alesha’s dresser to Milwaukee. I was completely fine… ok I’m lying I was freaking out then too but it wasn’t a big deal then. I just thought it would be motivation for me to start the rest of the house, right? WRONG! It just increased my stress level and forced me into this semi denial stage of the move. So I have been doing everything BUT packing.

I mean we move in June, so I have time. But in reality, my time is going to be cut short because of the many activities we have already on the calendar. And the fact that there will be a road trip the first week of June to see his daughter, Ms Grown, graduate from high school (that isn’t really her nickname, that is the only thing I could come up with…).

I guess mostly I am just stressing because we haven’t figured out WHO is going to move us, as in… Are we going to rent a POD or a Uhaul, if we rent a Uhaul then we need to find someone who can drive one of our vehicles 24+ hours to Texas and then pay for them to fly back to WI. Will we have enough stuff to make it economically smart to rent a POD and have them bring our things to us, which my guess is, we won’t.

Here is my other problem, instead of getting RID of things like I am supposed to be doing. I am adding things to my piles of crap. Because, HEY, I can always use more shit! Especially now that we are moving. But I can say that the things I have gotten have been in thoughts of others, like Mother’s Day gifts, Teacher Appreciation gifts, Thank You gifts, End of Year gifts, etc, etc, etc… All things that will eventually disappear as the weeks drag on, but as for now. Well I have a new bottle of chalkboard paint, a new container of Mod Podge, a couple of new photo albums, and of course more rubber stamps. AHHHHHHH! I am seriously doing everything in my power NOT to do what needs to be done. The living room is tame compared to the basement… we aren’t even going to talk about the basement and tons of clothes and things I am setting aside for a “possible” garage sale, and for giving away to people. I swear moving is the ultimate way to destroy and mess up your house in a matter of minutes.

I was told today that I need to figure out the things in our kitchen I no longer want, and to clear my desk, book shelf, and the big entertainment center in the basement, and maybe a few other things… I’m not sure if I can do this, well let me rephrase that I’m sure I can do it, I just really, really, REALLY need some motivation and help to get over my… We are moving to Texas and I will miss everyone phase…

Maybe I will post pictures as I clean up and pack things away, so then I can show you how I have been progressing. I am giving myself a deadline of Friday afternoon to have my book shelf cleared off next to my desk and have all clothes in the basement put away or at least separated out to who will get them if we don’t keep them for our move to Texas. Because after all who will need snow pants for Texas ๐Ÿ™‚


8 thoughts on “I’m having a hard time…

  1. ahm, quite a mess? (forgive the term).. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good luck with all the sorting and packing! You can do it. I’m not even moving and I always seem to be sorting and trying to downsize. It’s a never ending story!

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