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Wisconsin Bucket List 2011-2012


The state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin

The state capitol of Madison, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am FINALLY putting up our families Wisconsin Bucket List… Yeah, yeah. I know I’m super slow, but I have reason… I am in school 🙂

Anyways, this Bucket List is what we want to do BEFORE we leave Madison, WI in June. It is kind of bittersweet, I have lived in the midwest my whole life and this is going to be something new for our family. Ike has done some traveling with the Marines, but me and the kiddos this will be a BIG journey! I am so looking forward to the next chapter in our lives, so without further procrastination here is our Wisconsin Bucket List:

Wisconsin Bucket List 2011-2012

  1. International Crane Foundation
  2. Bayfield & ApostleIslands
  3. Cave of the Mounds
  4. House on the Rock
  5. Hayride in the Parks
  6. Packer Game for 5 (2)
  7. Kids in the Rotunda: Every Saturday
  8. Show at the Overture Center
  9. Mackinaw Island, MI
  10. Brewers
  11. Mallards
  12. Chicago Museums, Navy Pier, FAO Schwartz
  13. Rockford
  14. Quaker Stake and Lube- Iiona ride bike
  15. Ride to Milwaukee- Iiona ride bike
  16. Milwaukee Zoo
  17. Milwaukee Museums
  18. Museums in Madison
    • WI Vet Museum
    • UW-M Space Place
    • WI Historical Museum
    • Geology Museum
    • Cahzen Museum of Art
  19. Haunted House or Maze
  20. Natural Bridge State Park
  21. Devils Lake State Park
  22.  Mid-Continent Railway Museum
  23. Skydiving (Isaac)
  24.  Circus World
  25.  Merrimac Ferry
  26.  Paine Art Center- Oshkosh, WI
  27.  Polar Plunge
  28.  Ice Skating
  29.  Milwaukee Bucks Game
  30.  Capitol Observation Deck
  31.  Little Amerricka
  32.  Town Center
    • 330 North Orchard Street
  33. UW- MadisonWS:
    • Hockey- NO
    • Basketball NO
    • Tennis- NO
    • Track-n-Field- 5/5, 5/11-5-13 all day NO
    • Softball- NO
    • Swimming & Diving- NO
    • Soccer- NO
    • Volleyball NO
    • Rowing- NO
    • Cross Country NO
    • Golf- NO
  34. UW- Madison MS:
    • Hockey
    • Basketball- NO
    • Tennis- NO
    • Track-n-Field- 5/5, 5/11-5-13 all day NO
    • Rowing- NO
    • Cross Country NO
    • Golf NO
    • Swimming & Diving- NO
    • Soccer- 5/4/12 3pm NO
    • Football- Tailgating
    • Wrestling- NO

So here it is… I know it’s kind of long and some things we won’t be able to do, which if you look at the list I have already crossed off those sports or other things that we won’t be able to do and put a big NO by it. Which means we can’t do it because the season is officially over and we didn’t have time to fit it into our busy schedules.

Also here is an invitation to those that know and like me a little, join us as we cross off these things from our list. Tomorrow starts the first thing, we will go to see the UW- Mens soccer game (which means an hour or so of playing hooky from school). I’m sure the kiddos will like that little piece of information. The other exciting thing we will cross off of our list is a trip to Chicago, I’m so hoping the weather cooperates with us becase we are going to the Navy Pier, John Hancock Building, FAO Schwartz this weekend 🙂

So… CHEERS to the Freaking Weekend, I’ll Drink to that… Yeah, Yeah 🙂


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  1. It is great you are exploring!!

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