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Week 12 of the P52 themes is Hunger! It seems like I am always late to the “game” and so here I am yet again… (school and this internship is really kicking my tosh) trying to play catch-up. I have been taking pictures everyday, just not posting them here… I have gotten HOOKED on instagram, haha! Yeah it’s my ipod i’m taking pictures with but at least i’m taking pictures and they are EVERYDAY! Now if only I can remember to take themed pictures🙂

My interpretation of Hunger is my daughter Miss Marie having her first ever taste of Pizza! She is 4 and she is also highly allergic to dairy… meaning her body starts to shut down if she ingests even a little dairy. For her she doesn’t even know the difference, because she hasn’t ever been able to have dairy. So she doesn’t have anything to compare it to. For her parents… it just gives us a challenge that we try to meet on a daily basis. For anyone with food allergies or who have children with food allergies, you can understand what I am saying. For those that don’t know, well… there are times that an allergen can be in a food that you would never even guess it to be in. Take for instance a hot dog, for most children that is a staple in their home and something that can be quick and cheap to buy when out and about. For Miss Marie, a hot dog can literally kill her depending on the brand and who made it. We have learned that lesson (at Miss Marie’s expense) all too well! We almost lost her last year… Father’s Day… we were in The Dells (Wisconsin Dells). I will cut that story short and let you know that at that moment in time, we could have been given “World’s Worst Parents” award and taken it with our heads down… UGH! But as I said, Lesson Learned, and one we will NEVER make again… so please enjoy the pictures and in our joy, when we were able to offer our youngest a slice of Pizza🙂

12/52 Hunger

The above and below picture is of Miss Marie adding her pizza toppings to her pizza crust…

12/52 Hunger

12/52 Hunger

The picture above is Mini Mouse’s pizza, she is not allergic to anything but peanuts/treenuts and eggs..

12/52 Hunger

This last picture is of Miss Marie having her FIRST ever taste of Pizza!

project 52 p52 weekly photo challenge

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