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Can you Hear me Now?

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So this is Mini Mite! She is 4 and has had a hearing loss since birth. Doesn’t change her and how she fits into the family, it just adjusts life for us in a small way. One of those adjustments, learning to talk with our hands as well as realizing it is so much easier to multitask with hearing children than it is with nonhearing children…

I do need to add that she can hear us without her hearing aids, daddy more than me (that base does it for her). But we have also had 4 years for her to get used to us in the house, we have learned how to adjust and make sure she can understand as well as do what we want.

This year has been a HUGE change for us, she actually LIKES wearing her hearing aids now… Which she calls her “Ears” because to her they help her to hear better and farther away, she can participate more in group activities, etc, etc… So the fact that she ASKS to put her ears on, as well as take them off at the end of the night. The fact that she TELLS us when her “Ears aren’t working!” and the fact that she enjoys learning a new sign… It makes life a little less complicated 🙂

The other awesome thing this year (or next if you think about it) is, insurance policies have changed and all of her Audiology visits and Hearing Aid associated things are covered 100%… yep I said it 100%!!!!! So here’s to Mini Mite getting a New Pair of Shiny Ears for 2012… ANNNNNDDDDD for the fact that we don’t have to shell out the $2500 for the new Ears! Plus she gets to pick out a snazy new color or design as well as about every 3-4 months she gets new ear molds (the new ones will be pink and purple and clear swirl).

Even if she isn’t that excited, I am! So hears (pun intended) to some new ears and colorful molds and learning to talk more with our hands!!!

It is after all about the small things 🙂


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